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Best solar garden lights 2022 to brighten your outdoor space

Jun 03, 2023Jun 03, 2023

Make your garden dazzle with these bright and beautiful solar lights

t’s fair to say a little bit of sunshine brightens up most people’s days, but why not carry that into the night with some solar lights in your garden?

Soaking up energy from the sun via solar cells, these lights are a simple and low maintenance way to add some interest to your garden. From fairy lights strung across bushes to stand alone decorative solar lights, there’s a whole range out there depending on the vibe you want to go for in your green space.

The best thing about solar lights is that once you’ve placed them outside in your chosen location and they’ve garnered charge from the sunlight, then they automatically go on later on in the day when the light dims. There is no need to turn them on each night or plug them into the mains, meaning they are better for the environment and your wallet.

Solar lights charge best when in direct sunlight: around eight hours in full sunshine produces 15 hours of runtime for a solar light, according to DIY Solar Shack.

So, whether you’re looking for some solar lights to line a path, string over a balcony, pop on a garden table or for a special outdoor occasion, we’ve got you covered with our selection of the best.

If you want to wow, then welcome these solar powered lanterns into your outdoor space. Eye-catching, the sophisticated design suits medium to larger gardens, especially if you have a patio, path or different levels you want to highlight.

Available in medium (28x15x14cm) and large (53x21x20cm), we loved the sleek and sophisticated design and the fact that the lights have a switch allowing you to adjust three different levels of brightness.

The frame is crafted from a light weight aluminium, has a carry handle and they also feature a USB charging cable for when the sun hasn’t been shining. Otherwise, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of running time and they’re fully juiced up in four hours of direct sunlight.

This white lantern is perfect for adding a warm glow to a garden. We popped ours on an outside table and enjoyed the mellow vibe it imparted once the sun had gone down. It may not look like the most robust or high-end item during the day, but trust us when we say it comes into its own at night.

The cylindrical lantern is designed with a Moroccan aesthetic in mind, and when the LED lights come on, it casts a beautiful 360-degree pattern onto its surroundings. If you’re looking for some ambient lighting for al fresco dinners and drinks, it is an ideal choice.

This set of 10 solar lights are a great option for gardens of any size. They’re even a useful option if green space is limited to a couple of plant pots on a balcony, as they can be individually popped into soil. So whether you line up the ten lights along a path, or dot them over the flower beds, these solar lights are a pretty versatile choice suitable for a range of different homes.

We chose to place them in various spots on the balcony and in the garden - it was a delight to see them light up once the sun had gone down. You can also play around and move the lights to different locations easily as they just need pushing lightly into the ground to be made stable.

If you’re looking for a more permanent addition to your garden and outside areas, then this oval bulkhead wall light is a great choice that does the job and is pleasant to look at. It has a rust-effect weathered finish, patterned glass lens and comes complete with a hanging hook.

Not only that, but it’s easy to install and has a lovely cosy light to it, thanks to 10 warm white LEDs. A hidden solar panel powers the light and makes it a neat choice for placing on walls and illuminating doorways and paths. We loved the rustic and stylish design of this light and how it looked on the outside brickwork.

Solar lights in the garden need not be exclusively for decoration, as this Luceco wall light with PIR (motion) sensor proves. If you are searching for a security light but floodlights aren’t an option due wiring installation difficulties, then this solar wall light option comes highly rated by those in the building trade.

As well as boasting up to 30,000 hours of life, it also comes with a long lasting, rechargeable battery. Handily, it also has a range of modes to choose from that can alter the brightness of the light and how long it stays on once the motion sensor is activated.

There’s something just so magical about fairy lights and to see them strung up and glowing in an outdoors environment just ups it to another level. The great thing about these 10 metre string of solar powered LED fairy lights is that they work equally well wound round garden furniture, railings, bushes and tree trunks. Essentially, you can be as creative as you want with them. The external solar panel comes with an optional stake so that you can pop it into a pot or the ground for added stability.

They also come with eight different settings, such as static, flashing, slow fade, sequential and in waves, meaning you can adjust depending on your mood and the occasion. They also won’t set you back a fortune, which is a plus.

If you’re looking to inject a bit of colour into your garden, then these multicoloured star string lights are a fun and eye-catching way to do it.

You can choose between a ‘steady’ or ‘flashing’ setting and we think they work especially well for occasions such as a party in the garden or special get-together - the vibrancy of the colours was also a hit with children. The lights are 9.1 metres in length, with the LED and stars spaced every 20cm along, so you can arrange the solar lights however you like to make the most of them. Placing them along a fence or strategically across foliage was a good option.

When the sun starts to go down and these bulb-shaped lights go on, it’s a very pretty scene. Each of the bulbs have their own individual solar panel - and depending on the time of year - they can emit light for up to eight hours.

Again, these are a great choice for a range of settings and look great hung up along a fence, on a balcony or even placed around a garden shed. You simply have to switch them on, wait for the solar panel to soak up the sun and then wait for them to pop on at dusk. They’re a lovely choice for special occasions, such as a party or BBQ in the garden, but they also work just as well day to day. Simple yet effective.


If you have the budget, then the Marlando Solar Powered Outdoor Lantern makes a beautiful addition which are sure to elevate any garden or balcony. Built to last, they’ll be a conversation piece every time you have guests visit your garden. For something simple and purse-friendly then you can’t beat the magic of the solar powered fairy lights, which suit a range of gardens and occasions.

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