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Legrand Launches Outdoor Charging Stations With USB

Aug 13, 2023Aug 13, 2023

Legrand's Outdoor Charging Stations with USB-C address the growing demand convenient and safe access to power in outdoor spaces.

Legrand announces the latest solution that addresses the growing demand for convenient and safe access to power in outdoor spaces: Outdoor Charging Stations with USB-C.

Outdoor spaces have evolved into bustling hubs for social interaction and productivity. From corporate campuses with inspiring outdoor meeting areas to educational institutions offering outdoor courses, staying connected while enjoying the fresh air has become essential.

Legrand’s Outdoor Charging Stations offer an optimal charging experience for employees, students, and guests in any outdoor setting. Each station is equipped with a combination of standard GFCI power outlets, GFCI and USB-C combo power outlets, and 4-Port USB-A outlets, ensuring compatibility with all devices.

Some of Legrand’s stations are equipped with LED lighting, allowing users to charge devices even after sunset. Additionally, each station is designed to support A/V or communication connectivity, providing the flexibility required for any outdoor activities.

Enhance the charging experience with Legrand’s Charging Stations featuring LED accent lights. Device charging is available during the day and at night. The accent light ensures easy visibility and distinguishes the station from standard bollards while clearly indicating its “charging” status.

Outdoor Device Charging with LED Light eliminates the need for stand-alone bollards. This blend of charging and pathway lighting is an option for educational, corporate, and recreational settings.

An option for well-lit areas like outdoor dining spaces, these stations have a shorter height, making them ideal for use beside tables or as a subtle addition to landscaping. Simplify charging without compromising aesthetics in outdoor environments.

Add lighting-only stations to complement the charging stations. Enable a consistent look and provide pathway lighting to campuses.